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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear visitor
the following information is supplied pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 – Act Governing the Protection of Personal Data – and is directed at users of the web services provided by Brennerautobahn AG at  and at   The present data processing information shall apply exclusively to the websites hereinabove stated and shall not apply in respect of any other websites accessed by users via links. 

“Owner” of data processing

Data supplied by identified or identifiable persons as a result of accessing the website may be processed. The “owner” of the processing of personal data is Brennerautobahn AG domiciled in Trento, Italy – 38121 – Via Berlino 10

Place of data processing

Processing of services in connection with the services provided by the website shall take place at the domicile of the owner as hereinabove stated. Data shall only be processed by technical staff assigned for the purpose or by staff charged with the conducting of occasional maintenance works.
No information arising from the web service shall be published or disseminated.
Personal data provided by users for the purposes of requesting information material, submitting advertisements or proposals or enquiring about services shall only be used in order to execute such services or provision so solicited. Personal data shall only be disclosed to third parties in such circumstances where such disclosure is absolutely necessary (such as in respect of service provision in conjunction with other motorway operators, requisition of materials with delivery service and so on).

Purpose and nature of data processing

Navigation data
The IT systems and software procedures deployed for the functions of the website collect personal data in the course of normal operations. The transmission of such data constitutes part of the use of Internet communication protocols (Internet protocol addresses or domain names of the computers used by visitors to access the Internet presence, the time at which enquiries are made and other parameters of the operating system and IT environment of the user). It is not possible for us to link information of this kind with identified persons affected. Such information permits identification of users only via the processing and linking of information in the possession of third parties.

The Internet site does not collect any information from the private sphere of the user. The website uses cookies exclusively for the purpose of managing navigation (session cookie). Any user wishing to delete cookies from his or her computer may do so at any time via browser (for information on how to delete cookies please consult your browser’s help menu).

Data voluntarily provided by the user
The sender’s address will subsequently be recorded in respect of messages transmitted on a completely optional, explicit and voluntary basis to the addresses displayed in the website using the form and mailbox provided. Such collection of the sender’s address is necessary in order to respond to requirements and to process any personal information provided in conjunction with information requested in the form or other personal information supplied by the user in the message. Such information will not be disseminated or disclosed to third parties without mutual agreement. In respect of links for special services, specific summary information will be listed or displayed on an ongoing basis at the request of the person concerned. Users will be provided with prior notification in connection with such data if necessary that said data may be identifiable by third parties. 

Voluntary nature of the disclosure of data

Aside from precise information on navigation data, users may also disclose personal data as requested in the enquiry forms. Failure to provide such information may render it impossible to process the relevant enquiry. 

Processing conditions

Personal data is processed in an automated fashion and is only processed within the period of time strictly necessary for the purpose of collecting such data. Specific security measures are in place to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect use of data and unauthorised access to data. 

Rights of affected persons

The owner of the personal data shall at all times be accorded the right to receive confirmation of the existence or non-existence of such data and its content and origin and the opportunity to request the checking of the correctness of said data or its supplementation, updating or improvement (pursuant to Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003).Within the scope of the aforementioned Article, such a person affected shall also be accorded the right to request the deletion, anonymisation or blocking of data used in an unlawful fashion and shall also in every case be accorded the right to object to the processing of such data for legitimate reasons. Requests of this nature should be directed to the body responsible for the processing of personal data Brennerautobahn AG Via Berlino 10 – Trento – I-38121, telephone 0039-0461-212785 - Fax 0039 0461.234976, e-mail:

Responsible for data processing

·         General Manager
·         Technical Director
·         Operative Manager
·         Human Resources Manager
·         Finance & Control Manager
·         Legal Manager
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