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Permits and formulare

The exceptional transport office is charged with authorizing the following types of permits: single; multiple; periodical; work machinery.

The single permit is valid for a pre-determined period of time, and only one transit in only one direction.

Multiple permits are valid for a pre-determined number of trips over a pre-determined period of time, and are issued only under the following circumstances:
The load is identical in nature, type, size and weight; 
The same route is taken every time.

Periodic permits, are valid for an infinite number of transits over a pre-established period of time. It is issued for all types of vehicles or exceptional transport according to the following circumstances and technical characteristics (see attach).

The permits granted for tractors are valid for one or more precisely traced, predetermined routes, within a preset period of time. They are issued on the provision of the following documents:
Declaration of number of transits (may no be less than 20 per month);
Proof of payment in post office bank account for extra charge due to greater wear to the road

NOTE For single and for the multiple permits, the size or the weight of the load elements may be reduced or the positioning may be changed, so that it remains with 5% of the maximum limit, for a longitudinal dimension of 1.50 m; the load must however, respect all of the conditions prescribed by the relevant authorization. For exceptional loads, a length of up to 25 m does not require an escort; it is permissible to reduce the longitudinal dimension to the limit stated in Art. 61 of the Italian Highway Code, even by reducing the mass, it can be within permissible limits.

The office for exceptional transport is located at the customs office:
Trento - via Innsbruck
Tel. 0461 212616 - 212617 - 212618
Fax 0461 212601 - 212602
from Monday 8 a.m. untill Friday 5 p.m.

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