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 Autoporto/autohof Sadobre next to "Brenner Barrier" : info and services   

Useful Numbers

User Assistance Center (C.A.U.)
: tel. +39 0461.980085/212851
free number: 800 279940
free number from Germany, Austria and Netherlands: 00 800 22022022

Exceptional transport: tel. +39 0461.212616 - 0461.212617.

Service Centres
Information service and updates concerning exceptional transport, business products and services, toll payment locations:

Bressanone   tel.    0472 201521  
Bolzano Sud   tel.    0471  922616  
Interporto Trento Nord   tel.     0461 212728
Affi      tel.    045 7238030  
Mantova nord                    tel.    0376  270689  
Carpi   tel.    059  668253  

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m..Saturday: 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. 

Electrical charging points for supplying temperature controlled trucks generators

The electrical charging stations are supplying the generators of vehicles transporting temperature controlled goods and are a sustainable alternative to the diesel generator use during breaks and overnight stays.
At Autoporto (truck park) Sadobre in Vipiteno there are 5 electrical poles available; at Interporto Trento Nord there are 4 electrical poles available. Each one of them is provided with a double sock.

Autostrada del Brennero Spa at the moment is offering the service FOR FREE.

Free registration

In order to use the service is necessary to be registered as customer on the following site:
Once the registration is completed, the transportation companies and drivers will be able to activate and deactivate all NP connection stations in Italy and abroad.

How to plug in
Plug in the power cable in one of the NomadPower connection points. If necessary it is possible to buy 5 to 4 poles adapters and transformers-adapters from 400V to 220V.

Starting the power supply
The electricity supply can be activated in three different ways:
• on the Nomad Power APP
• on internet site
• calling phone number 0694805377 and providing the 5 cifers ID number indicated on each plug.
After few seconds, the supply will start.

Stopping the power supply
The power supply is interrupted in the same way it was started, by using the App, internet or via phone.
If the driver inadvertedly forgets to deactivate the service, the supply will in any case be automatically interrupted once the cable is unplugged.

Info: during the electricity supply it is possible to verify, through APP, internet or telephone:
• the electricity usage
• the plugs availability and service status (active or deactivated).

Speed limits

Speed limits for HGV on the motorway stretch, in accordance with the Traffic Code:

  • speed limits for HGV with maximum laden mass (vehicle weight + weight of the maximum load allowed) >3,5 und ≤12 t 100 km/h;
  • HGV with maximum laden mass >12 t 80 km/h.
  • From Chiusa/Val Gardena (km 54) to Bolzano south (km 85) HGV with maximum laden mass >7,5 t 60 km/h.

No overtaking

Overtaking ban in both directions from Brennero (km0) to Modena (km 314 - intersection with A1) for vehicles weighing over 7,5 t when fully loaded and forarticulated vehicles towing mobile homesor trailers, 24 hours per day.

Except overtaking maneuvers of escorted and outside loads vehicles, vehicles travelling at full load and in any case vehicles already subject to particular speed limitations as well as breakdown vehicles.


Prohibition of HGV traffic

No parking in emergency lay-by

No parking – for all vehicles, in both directions, from Brennero (km 2) to Modena (km 313 – intersection with A1).

Lay-bys are intended for emergency use only.

Exceptional transport

The exceptional transport office is charged with authorizing the following types of permits: single; multiple; periodical; work machinery >>

The office for exceptional transport is located at the customs office:
Trento - via Innsbruck
Tel. 0461 212616 - 212617 - 212618
Fax 0461 212601 - 212602
from Monday 8 a.m. untill Friday 5 p.m.

Mechanical assistance

Mechanical assistance is ensured on the A22 motorway by:

ACI Global S.p.A. (telephone: 803116);
Europ Assistance VAI S.p.A. (telephone: 803803).

Mechanical assistance is carried out through a network of contractor
shops, is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and consists of:
- rapid removal from the motorway of vehicles stopped due to breakdown, accidents or other reasons, through recovery and transportation;
- repairs to put vehicles back on the road, provide fuel and on site intervention that can be performed with the equipment aboard the assistance vehicles.

What precautions shall I take when entering Austria?

To drive on Austrian motorways it is necessary to buy the motorway sticker called Vignette, for sale at the service stations Adige East and Isarco.

On the A13  motorway section Brenner-Innsbruck South the sticker is not required and the toll is paid at the tollbooth Schönberg.

Info motorway sticker "Vignette">>
Fahrzeuge mit zwei Achsen (Auto, Motorrad) Fahrzeuge mit 2 Achsen und Höhe >1,3 m. Fahrzeuge mit 3 Achsen (Bus, Auto mit Anhänger) Fahrzeuge mit 4 Achsen (Auto mit Wohnwagen) Fahrzeuge mit 5 Achsen (Lkw)  
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