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Service Centres

OPENING TIME: FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 08.00 - 18.00; SATURDAY, 8.00 - 16.00.

  • at the BRESSANONE motorway toll booth station   - Via Brennero 133, 39040 Varna (BZ) - Tel. 0472 201521 - Fax 0472 201486
  • at the BOLZANO SUD motorway toll booth station- Via Enrico Mattei, 39100 Bolzano - Tel. 0471 922616 - Fax 0471 922385
  • near to the INTERPORTO DOGANALE (TRENTO NORD MOTORWAY EXIT) – Via Innsbruck 23, 38121 Trento (Blocco A) -  Tel. 0461 212728 - 212729 - 212719 - 212718  - Fax 0461 212779 
  • Affi - Loc. Canove - 37010 AFFI (VR)  - Tel.  045.7238030 - fax  045.6283413
  • MANTOVA NORD, loc. Mottella - San Giorgio di Mantova - Tel.  0376-270689 Fax 0376-271594 
    CARPI, via Tarabini 1 - 41012 Carpi (MO) - Tel 059 668253 Fax 059 664805  

In relation to the variuos types of payment or “subscription” for the payment of tolls along the Brenner-Modena strech, the Service Centres manage numerous activities

Provide information on foreign currencies accepted by our motorway stations.
Process the invoice requests from toll receipts received

Pre-paid Viacard

  • The sale of prepaid Viacards to be deducted according to issue of receipts/invoice
  • Requests for defferred invoicing of cards purchased at authorized retailers are not accepted
    Re-magnetization (when possible) of  the card to recover the remaining credit. Should a card have deteriorated, it is withheld. A new card is then sent directly to the client’s address of residence by the Autostrade company

Viacard Current Account

  • The opportunity to obtain the Viacard service can be effected by stipulating a contract via Autostrade to open a Viacard Current Account. The card will be sent by registered post to the client’s address within 15 days
  • Assistance in procesing the following procedures:
  1. Change of company name (not possible for participating bodies)
  2. Variation of VAT number or social security number
  3. Change of address
  4. Change of bank or bank account (a new direct debit authorisation is required)
  5. Registration of the lost or stolen card;Re-magnetization of the demagnetized card
  6. processing of requests for duplicate cards
  7. Release of copies of invoices and itemized travel reports
  8. Assisstance in request for partial reimbursement of the deposit
  9. Assisstance in  request for closing  a Viacard account

Telepass toll system

  • Stipulate contracts for delivery of Telepass-Viacard (Business).
  • Stipulate the Telepass-Family contracts for the delivery via electronic transactions for for ATM card holders; the service can be activated through the participating banks:
  1. The Telepass is delivered to the individual who is a Telepass-Family service client
  2. Replacement of malfunctioning appparatus
  3. Activate apparatus on a second license plate
  4. Registration of lost or stolen apparatus
  5. Release of copies of invoices and itemized travel reports
  6. Processing of requests to cancel the Telepass service
  7. Variations of account/contract.

The Service Centre processess justifications for non-payment reports, which are forwarded to the appropriate office, and requests for the regularisation of anomalous transits and related matters. 

Fahrzeuge mit zwei Achsen (Auto, Motorrad) Fahrzeuge mit 2 Achsen und Höhe >1,3 m. Fahrzeuge mit 3 Achsen (Bus, Auto mit Anhänger) Fahrzeuge mit 4 Achsen (Auto mit Wohnwagen) Fahrzeuge mit 5 Achsen (Lkw)  
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