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Article 176 of the Italian Highway Code states that on toll motorways, the driver must stop at the toll booth and pay the fare as prescribed by law. 
The toll is the price users pay to the concessionarie for the cost of construction, management anche maintenance of the motorway network.


Upon entering the motorway, the user takes the ticket, which will later be returned to the toll booth operator at the exit junction The fare is calculated in function of the vehicle class and the route taken. If the vehicle is equpped with Telepass apparatus, a telematics system  will automatically register entry and exit data.
The motorway toll is a closed circuit system (take ticket upon entry and return ticket upon exit for payment) and the fare is calculated by multiplying the kilometres travelled by the tariff applied to the various classification of vehicles.
Vehicles are classified according to the  "Axle-Size" system, which is made up of five classes, two for two- axled vehicles and three classes for vehicles with three or more axles.

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