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Request for Voiding of Non-payment Report

The request for voiding of non-payment report can be effected by:

  • submitting the “yellow card”, issued to the user on non payment, to all the A22 toll booth stations, or the Sevice Centres written request addressed to the Company
  • directly in person at the Company offices (tel. +39 0461/ 212761 -  212770 - 212759- 212558 - 212606 - 212768 - 2122760) or at the Service Centres
  • by fax +39 0461-212778 / +39 0461-212779

In the case of non-payment, together with the non-payment form, the user will receive directlty from the toll booth operator a yellow coloured card. This card (postage charges to be paid by the sender), is to be used exclusively for the following purposes:

Justification for issue of Non-Payment of Toll Report (RMPP) on conclusion of transit . In this case, the user is asked to write on the card the specific and detailed reasons for requesting authorization to pay only the effective motorway stretch travelled on and not the stretch usually shown on the report which is calculated by identifying the farthest motorway entrance station as stipulated by (code 888) as prescribed by art. 176,16 of the Italian Highway Code. In order for the justification to be accepted, the user must attach to the card suitable documentation (such us tickets, invoices, receipts from previous motorway trips, etc.) proving that the real entry was the one declared. Please, note that the justification can be accepted only when the declared stretch travelled has already been paid at the motorway station and the documentation provided is validated. Should the justification submitted via yellow card be refused, Autostrada del Brennero SpA will act according to the procedures outlined in its Quality System for the recovery of the outstanding debt.

Telepass transit enquries. Should the user have any doubts about the validity of a charges incurred for a Telepass transit, she/he can request details on that transit by supplying the necessary data. In compliance with Law No. 675/96 on Personal Data Protection, the user is required to provide proof of being the effective holder of the Telepass apparatus

Requests for Reimbursement. The third reason for a user to send the yellow card is to request reimbursement for toll fares paid that have been calculated on the basis of an incorrect vehicle classification, or for other specific events the user deems worthy of reimbursement. As in the previous cases, the user is required to fill in all sections on the yellow card and to attach a copy of the documentation justifying the validity of her/his request for reimbursement.


In compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, Art. 13, we are required to inform yout that:

  • the data collected from the submitted card (blue or yellow) shall be processed, both on paper and electronically, for administrative and service requested purposes only;
  • the submission of the requested data is compulsory in the supply of th e requested service, and this service cannot be supplied if the data is not submitted;
  • the submitted data will not be disseminated nor communicated to any other person or entity.

Finally, it should be noted that, at any time, a user may exercise his/her rights as provided for by art. 7 of Leg. Decree No. 196/2003 to contact the holder of the data at the following address: Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A., Settore Operativo Gestione Introiti – Ufficio Esazione Pedaggi, with head ofice at Via Berlino 10, I-38100 Trento, Italy, phone No. (++39) 0461 212775 and fax No. 212778, or by sending an e-mail to the following address: 

Below in electronic format you can find an example of the yellow card. All fields should be filled in and, should the voiding of the non-payment of toll report be requested, the reasons for making such a request must be clearly reported.

(*) NOTE:. In order for the justification to be accepted, the user must attach to the card documentation  proving that the real entry corresponds the one declared. Moreover, write down the number of the non- payment toll report.

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