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ABC - The Brenner Autobahn comes to Town


Between 26 November 2014 and 29 April 2015, from Brenner to Modena, the Brenner Autobahn project, the Traffic Police and Fondazione Aida will reach 12 Municipalities and involve over 2,700 students.

This is a didactic theatre-based project stemming from the collaboration between the Brenner Autobahn, the Traffic Police and Fondazione Aida, with a view to raising awareness among the young audiences across lower secondary schools on the subject of road safety. By including the main provinces crossed by the A22 Brenner Autobahn (Modena, Reggio Emilia, Mantova, Verona, Trento and Bolzano), this project aims to promote to school audiences the importance of knowing the traffic code regulations and embracing a proper personal conduct.

Through theatre, considered as a didactic and educational tool, the initiative purports to spread among youngsters informed and proper behaviours and lifestyles, enabling them to re-evaluate the sensory world as a preferential learning channel allowing for the attainment of practical educational results. The starting point for discussing road safety is the performance entitled "Quando passa Nuvolari”, produced by Fondazione Aida and inspired by the legendary early twentieth century racing driver Tazio Nuvolari.

Nuvolari is described through the lens of the mechanic who comments upon the racer's undertakings and victories, achieved thanks to his speed and highly dangerous actions. However, such admiration for a character taking chances does not divert attention from the key message of the show: safety though individual responsibility and awareness of danger. After the performance, all youngsters will be involved in a workshop aimed at exploring the topics of road safety in a simple and pleasant manner. For the purposes of enhancing the project in terms of educational experience, Brenner Autobahn and the Traffic Police will be present at various stages of the journey with a number of means indicative of their activities, enabling youngsters to gain a closer insight into their work.

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