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The A22 motorway, the Green Corridor and the Report on the European Smart Land

27/03/2015 - Design, Engineering, Context: about mobility, the new challenges of the future prospects of the habitat.

How will we get around in the years to come? By what means of transport? On which motorways and roads? Will we be responsible for a greater or lesser pollution? Will we have Smart cars and means of transport and equally Smart territories? Will we be more free to view the landscapes and enjoy the opportunities offered by different places, while immersed in food, nature and culture? 

In order to answer these questions, the Brenner Autobahn and the University of Trento organised a seminar that was held within the context of the Klimamobility Trade Fair on 27 March in Bolzano.

This cooperation between the A22 and the university that has lasted for several years is characterised by constant research and experimentation, of which the seminar is but one of many expressions.

During this interdisciplinary event, resulting from the merging of architecture, engineering and IT, the discussion focused on a new concept of mobility and on the relation that holds across travel, traveller, infrastructures and context, also attainable via smart devices, innovative design, more specific and comprehensive information on where to stop, how to switch to other modes of transport, how to pollute less and promote sustainability.

The event provided the opportunity to appraise the future prospects of mobility and of the principal arterial roads, by comparing examples, experiences and approaches. This was also made possible thanks to the contribution advanced by international vehicle manufacturers presenting an array of new "intelligent" and green cars, the models of the new "recharging" areas and sharing their know-how in terms of alternative energy solutions and of how to generate less pollution.

The discussion then converged upon intelligent systems and the relation that holds between motorway and contexts traversed, on mobility and devices endowed with a smart design, and lastly on new employment opportunities potentially offered by such scenarios over the next few years.

In multiple sessions the discussion centred on the motorway of the future, ranging from the role played by the A22 in the Green Corridor to the relation that holds between the latter and the territories it passes through.

The event provided food for thought on the extent to which all areas concerned and technology alike are ready to welcome new and future generation means of transport, also indicating that the Brenner Autobahn intends to raise a new awareness on the subject of mobility leading to a continuous debate across research, bodies, cities and territories.


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The A22 motorway, the Green Corridor and the Report on the European Smart Land
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