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With the expansion of tourism and its related activities in the Region of Trentino-Alto Adige in the 50’s, problems began to arise due to the deficiencies of the existing road structures, which were inadequate to deal with the concomitant increase in traffic, especially throughout the summer season. It became increasingly evident that a new multi-lane motorway needed to be constructed.Due to the political and financial problems existing at that time, the company  "S.p.A. Autostrada del Brennero" was only founded only on February 20, 1959 on the direct initiative of the local authorities convinced of the importance of this new road link. In accordance with the law July 24, 1961 n. 729, the Company was granted the permission from the Italian State to construct and manage the motorway.

The project initially encountered many technical difficulties, especially in the Alpine region north of Bolzano, which presented many engineering challenges while also being an environmentally sensitive area. On September 26, 1960, the Company's Board of Directors approved the building plan, which laid out the definitive route of the motorway. The Ministry of Public Works decree of January 29, 1963 authorized the construction and the management of the Brenner-Verona section; the Verona-Modena section was authorized by decree of May 20, 1963. On March 26, 1964 a restricted invitation to tender for the building of first section Bolzano South - Trento North took place at S.p.A. Autostrada del Brennero's headquarters, with construction beginning on May 4, 1964.

The Company's Board of Directors obtained loans from the European Bank for Investments in Brussels  and the Credit Consortium for Public Construction in Rome and began immediately with the paperwork to authorize the concession  lots and the subsequent sections.The first 50km section of the motorway running through the Adige Valley, from Bolzano to Trento was opened to traffic on December 21, 1968.From July 27, 1972 the motorway could be travelled on without interruption from Brenner to Chiusa (54 km) and from Bolzano to Modena (228 km), representing an important link in the European road network, as  had been envisaged by the Geneva Convention of 1950, and becoming thus part of the Austro-German motorway system. On April 11, 1974 the last section, from Chiusa to Bolzano South, was inaugurated; the most complex engineering constructions, such as bridges, viaducts and tunnels are concentrated in this section.  

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