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Our principles

Autostrada del Brennero complies with all applicable provisions, laws and guidelines, with regulations that apply nationally and internationally and with generally recognized rules. Within the company, all  employees abide by the ethical standards set out in law and act in accordance with a code of conduct as well as taking account of the company’s own regulations, which they apply honestly and impartially.

In the Company everyone remains true to their words, acts responsibly in accordance with the commitments they have assumed and operates in a bona fide fashion with regard to all activities and decisions.

Autostrada del Brennero disseminates truthful, complete, transparent and generally intelligible information in order to enable their contact persons to arrive at purposeful decisions in respect of relations with the company and with third parties.

Equality and impartiality
Autostrada del Brennero guarantees equal treatment to all users, without any bias as to sex, race, language, religion or political opinions. The staff responsible for customer service are trained to act in an impartial, rational and fair way, and to use a clear and simple language.

Autostrada del Brennero is committed to providing a continuous and reliable service. In case of extreme and/or unpredictable situations, it will take appropriate measures in a timely manner in order to restore normal conditions and minimize environmental impacts and any inconvenience to users.

Autostrada del Brennero assesses and analyses thoroughly all feedback, documents, remarks and suggestions sent by stakeholders (users, citizens, municipalities, provinces, associations, suppliers, etc.) in order to improve both the motorway service and the environmental policy so as to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Efficency and effectiveness
Autostrada del Brennero undertakes to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the motorway service provided, while respecting the pre-defined safety and environmental objectives, adopting the most appropriate solutions in relation to the resources available.

Ensuring confidentiality
Autostrada del Brennero guarantees  the privacy of its customers. Customers have the right to be informed about the modality with which personal data is managed, through simple and comprehensive explanations, and to grant or revoke consent to each processing step separately (also by means of a third party).

Safeguarding the environment
Autostrada del Brennero beliefs that environment is a unique, primary and unrepeatable resource. The company has made the commitment to protect and enhance it, pledging to make continuous improvements and prevent pollution.

Thus, the company acts in line with the commitments made and the improvement measures already implemented and aspires wherever possible, to determine new objectives related to:

  • reducing environmental impact (atmospheric emissions, noise, ground pollution, etc.) deriving from any activity or services, which the company may keep under control and on which it may have an influence through
    • promoting rail transport and modes of combined transportation in general;
    • constructing anti-noise barriers and laying road surfaces composed of porous and sound absorbing asphalt;
    • promoting the use of low-impact fuels from renewable or environmentally friendly energy sources;
    • taking part in promotion and development of alternative technologies that safeguard the environment;
    • taking the best available practices for environmental protection;
  • improving resource management by promoting the use of alternative energy sources preventing waste and periodically checking consumption.


Health and Safety

Autostrada del Brennero takes the health and safety of its employees, contractors, external staff, motorway users and the population at large extremely seriously.

In this regard, the company sets itself the following objectives in terms of the execution of its operational activities:

  • ensuring its commitment to the prevention of accidents and occupational disease and to risk management (hazards identification, evaluation and control of risks);
  • ensuring an ongoing improvement in its safety performance levels, by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated System also as defined by changing of operational activities and/or norms in force;
  • ensuring the company commitment to observe statutory provisions and further requirements (internal policy, standards and internal matters, voluntary regulations) concerning safety and health risks in the workplace;
  • ensuring participation and consultation of employees as well as inclusion of interested parties;
  • ensuring participation of external employees, contractors and suppliers;
  • taking the best available practices for the protection of health, safety at work and public security.
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