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Policy on Quality Environment and Safety

The Managing Director declares that the Quality, Environmental and Safety Integrated Management System is implemented in the Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A. in compliance with the international norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, and that the technical and organizational Structure is operational for the appraisal of the works designing for validation purposes.


The norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 are applied to the “Motorway management – Works planning and management for the building and maintenance of motorway infrastructures -  Operation and monitoring of activities performed in the service areas”.


The Environmental and Safety Integrated is used for the following purposes:

  • Safeguarding and improving the quality and safety standards of customer service and  environmental performance; 
  • Ensuring compliance with mandatory laws regarding the environment and safety; 
  • Highlighting and providing continuity to the commitments made in quality, environmental and safety issues, with prevention as a priority.


The technical and organizational Structure aims to offer inspection services both internally and externally with affiliated Companies/Bodies or subsidiaries, specifically in the following sectors:

  • building constructions;
  • civil engineering works in general and relative installation works;
  • environmental monitoring and protection works and naturalistic engineering techniques,

     for the following inspection type:

  • assessment of works designing


The technical and organizational Structure ensures the quality of the inspection service via the Inspection Management System in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard and EA IAF/ILAC Guidance of the Application of ILAC P15:06/2014 and ensures an outcome in line with its own expectations as well as those of the Contractor, aside from the efficacy of the services executed in pursuance of the legislation and regulations in force and of the full respect of the costs and time frame provided for.

The technical and organizational Structure commits to:

  • ensuring neutrality and independence in the execution of its inspection activity, in managing the conflicts of interest and in ensuring objectivity in its work. To this end, the technical and organizational Structure constantly identifies any risks that may compromise its neutrality as resulting from its activities, its relations or the relations held by its personnel;
  • relying on competent internal personnel and/or external collaborators endowed with the expertise required as per the inspection needs undertaken.These experts shall be duly trained according to their expectations and professionalism;
  • relying on personnel which, aside from all technical expertise, is endowed with key qualities aimed at the inspection activity with a view to attaining the objectives provided for within the time frame, costs and qualities as per the specific commissioned order and characteristics required;
  • selecting the internal and external Inspectors on the basis of the criterion for ensuring their independence, integrity and neutrality and technical expertise in the inspection activity carried out;
  • ensuring the management of each operational stage as per what is defined and elucidated within the Inspection Management System and specifically during the stages relating to the offer, contract acquisition, provision of inspection services, management and filing of the documentation;
  • relying on systems controlling and assessing the services provided as well as the efficacy of the inspection management procedures and all pertaining operational instructions applied by Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.;
  • ensuring the stability of its Structure, the latter's discretion towards the Contractor as regards any information that may come into its possession and a marked penchant for providing services able to meet the Contractor's requirements;
  • ensuring the confidentiality and accurate filing of any document belonging to the Contractor which Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A. may be made aware of within the context of its inspection services and protecting and refraining from divulging in any way the know-how that is the property of the Contractor which may be made available to it;
  • striving to optimize its performance in technical , documentary and economical terms in order to observe with greater efficacy the needs of the Contractor and, where applicable, all parties taking part in the process.



The identification of the optimization objectives and goals, the drafting of the agenda for the attainment of these very objectives and goals and the periodical monitoring of the results achieved take place within the Integrated System and Inspection Management System of the technical and organizational Structure.


The constant monitoring in full respect of the standards set out is ensured by the activities explicated in the documents of the Integrated System and in those of the Inspection Management System of the technical and organizational Structure.



The Company: 

  • makes available all human, material and financial resources for the purposes of ensuring the accurate implementation of the Integrated System, the execution of the activities of the technical and organizational Structure and the attainment of the objectives provided for;
  • endorses all appropriate preventive measures so as to ensure that all Systems are effectively and constantly applied;
  • reserves the right to take relevant steps via suitable corrective and preventive actions, whenever required.


Personnel qualification and training is ensured by the periodical identification of the training needs and by the scheduling of appropriate training activities.


All Company employees actively take part in the attainment of the objectives

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