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Third lane

In addition to a rise in the volume of international traffic, the Brenner Motorway is also facing an increasing level of mobility on the weekends and public holidays. The solution to these phenomena is to adapt the road infrastructure, the current geometry of which causes traffic jams at certain points throughout the year as the traffic handling load limit is exceeded.

For this reason, the Brenner Motorway, in addition to other obligations set out in its current budget, is committed the construction of a third lane in the section between Verona North and the A22/A1 motorway junction at Modena.

The construction of this third lane is the only way to cope with the full extent of the volume of traffic in this section estimated by various analyses of this area. The intervention - a length of approx. 90 km between km 223 and km 313 - consists of providing three traffic lanes and an emergency lane for the entire length in both directions as well as a remodelling of the A22/A1 motorway junction.

Dynamic lane

Based on the theoretical average daily traffic intensity, the current total amount of traffic has increased by 78.61% since 1990. 
This increase in the volume of traffic will almost certainly lead to a deterioration in the level of traffic performance as the traffic handling load limit will be exceeded, particularly on certain days (approx. 20 days per year: every Saturday in the months of July and August, during the Christmas period and on the long weekends of Ascension Day, Corpus Christi and Whitsun) and when road works are carried out where there are currently two lanes, or when accidents occur. 

On critical days, at peak times, more than 3,000 vehicles can be counted per hour with an average travel speed of 70-80 km/h, while during the course of a day, more than 40,000 vehicles can be counted.

The opening of a third lane by the temporary use of the emergency lane serves to efficiently manage emergency situations which may occur during such periods throughout the year as the third lane increases vehicle capacity (approx. 4,000-4,200 vehicles/hour) and reduces the likelihood of traffic jams.

So far works have been completed on approximately 28 km of the southbound carriageway from Trento Centro to the tolling station of Rovereto South. The works on this section consisted in the widening of the hard shoulder to 3.5 metres and in the installation of variable message signs, video surveillance systems and devices for traffic and weather conditions monitoring. Furthermore, adaptation works have also been completed on the acceleration and deceleration lanes of the Nogaredo West service area, new emergency lay-bys have been built and safety barriers have been installed.

The tests carried out on this trial section were successful. Autostrada del Brennero SpA is therefore drawing up an executive plan to adapt the Rovereto South-Affi section. This will be followed by the Bolzano South-Egna, Egna-Trento Centre and Affi-Verona sections. 

In particular, the works will involve the adaptation of engineering structures, the construction of a new tunnel, the adaptation of the acceleration and deceleration lanes of service areas, the reconfiguration of interchange ramps, the installation of side safety barriers,  variable message signs and control systems.


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