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Motorway Operating Centre

The installation of the videowall in the operating room of the new Autobrennero User Assistance Centre (UAC), produced by 3P Technologies, received the prestigious “Inavation Award” for a “Transport & Communication Facility” at the last ISE (Integrated System Europe), which took place in Amsterdam from February 4-6. The Operating Centre (C.A.U. / Centro Assistenza Utenza) is the "heart" of the travel service information system.

Through optical fibres, radio links and telecommunication cables it is connected to monitoring devices, such as closed circuit video cameras and SOS boxes, installed along the motorway.
These devices send traffic, weather, visibility and emergency request information in real time.The C.A.U., is manned by multilingual personnel and can be reached by dialling the toll free numbers:

  • National
  • International from Austria, Germany, Hollandor by the numbers: +39 0461 980085/212851

The Centre runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides information on driving conditions, traffic status and weather conditions.

The Highways Police C.O.A. (Motorway Operating Centre) is located adjacent to the CAU.The two centres operate closely together in order to guarantee minimal response times and maximum efficiency in the management of emergencies.

The user can  communicate to CAU operators the exact location of an emergency by referring to one of the following: Distance signs that show the 'progressive' number of kilometres from the border line ie 0 km – at the Brenner Pass.

The signs showing the progressive number of kilometres are installed on the traffic central guardrail and have a green background, while the signs showing the number of meters travelled in hundreds of metres have a white background and are installed on the central guardrail  Signs that indicate names of viaducts and tunnels. Signs with a brown background identifying the number of the overpass. They are installed on the overpass and act as a barrier to prevent  "stone-throwing" vandalism.

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The videowall of the A22 User Assistance Centre (UAC)
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