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Motorway safety centre

The Brenner Motorway has six C.S.A.’s, or motorway safety centres (MSC), which were set up to guarantee safe travel conditions, the flow of traffic, and to protect motorway property.

They house the Traffic Assistance Unit, workers and all vehicles used for managing motorway operations and maintenance works, including emergencies, in order to keep the motorway in good condition and to ensure users’ safety.

The buildings house 84 Traffic Assistance Operators with 40 vehicles equipped to provide 24-hour users’ assistance, as well as 126 maintenance workers, with 183 vehicles to carry out planned and extraordinary works, such as clearing snow during the winter season.

The 6 centres, with respective jurisdictions:

C.S.A. of VIPITENO  from Brennero to Chiusa  Km 53 
C.S.A. of BOLZANO  from Chiusa to Egna-Ora  Km 49 
C.S.A. of S.MICHELE  from Egna-Ora to Rovereto north  Km 56 
C.S.A. of ALA  from Rovereto north to Affi  Km 49 
C.S.A. of VERONA  from Affi to Mantova north  Km 50 
C.S.A. of PEGOGNAGA  from Mantova north to the intersection of the A1  Km 57

The offices are manned 8:00 to 17.00 on weekdays and can be contacted after 17.00 and at the weekend/public holidays, to provide assistance to the Motorway Auxiliary Staff in case of emergencies or accidents.
The C.S.A. are responsible for: management of traffic flow, providing travel assistance, management of work sites, maintenance work, flow of traffic in winter.

Motorway Auxiliary Staff
The " Motorway Auxiliary Staff " was created the Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Safety and the concessionary motorway companies so as to guarantee insure maximum assistance for travellers. This new entity provides specific assistance for users, such as: assistance at accidents (in which there is no injury or harm to people) signalling of tailbacks or lane narrowing. Moreover, it collaborates with the Traffic Police to ensure the observance of the norms safeguarding motorway property. Currently, 84 Auxiliary staff are assigned to the 6 Service Centres (C.S.A.) which are located along the A22 (at about every 50 km). Teams of operators are on stand-by to intervene in support of the Motorway Auxiliary Staff in situations of high traffic congestion, to help the Traffic Police with accidents and to restore optimal safety conditions  as quickly as possible.
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