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Motorway stations

The Brenner Motorway is the main traffic artery through the Alps between Italy and Northern Europe, with around 180,000 actual vehicles entering the motorway every day and an average daily traffic of around 40,000 vehicles transiting on each single section.

The motorway has 23 tolling stations and a toll gate with a total of 191 tolling lanes: 58 entry lanes, 119 exit lanes and 14 reversible lanes. There are also 39 lanes for oversize vehicles.

Autostrada del Brennero SpA has already widened and modernised its tolling stations. The project consisted in increasing the number of tolling lanes, installing new signage and making technological improvements. The staff buildings were also redesigned, as were the connections to the offices, to the car parks and in particular the connections to the urban road system.


Road Surface Markings

At the toll booth stations located on the A22 Brenner Motorway lanes are differentiated according to means of payment: cash, cards, Viacard, bank cards, Telepass and Tele-toll; plus universal lanes which can be used for effecting any type of payment.
This variety provides a service for all different types of travellers (commuters, tourists, haulage firms, etc…).
The different lanes can be distinguished by the following road surface markings:

The motorway toll booth stations

The average time needed for travellers to pay tolls varies from 30 seconds for manual payment to 5 seconds when using the Telepass system. This fluidity is guaranteed - excluding exceptional events and unexpected occurrences - by the periodic monitoring of the booths’ apparatus (weekly, monthly and quarterly checks). In case of malfunctions, the maximum time for intervention by company personnel varies between 40 and 60 minutes from the call, according to the criticality of malfunctioning.

The toll booth operators of the A22 are recognizable by the uniform and identification badge. Within the framework of comitments to improving the  quality of our services, the Autostrada del Brennero (Brenner Motorway concession company) staff is entrusted with providing an efficient, professional and client-oriented service.Autostrada del Brennero has made a long term commitment towards training the toll booth operators by setting up courses designed to promote the improvement of the staff’s professionsl skills, within the framework of constant improvement of the service provided to its clients. In certain holiday periods in Italy and northern Europe the A22 experiences significant traffic congestion. In order to ensure the smooth running of the motorway and the service provided during critical periods, the Company reinforces the number of operators present at the toll stations.

User’s Rights to Make Complaints of  Bad Conduct
The comments made by our clients serve both as a unit of measurment of the quality of the service provided by our operators and as a monitoring tool of the toll booth operators. Users may send complaints, suggestions and comments in written form by letter, fax, or e-mail to the following address:Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A. - Via Berlino 10 - 38121 TRENTOtel. +39 0461 234976 - mail:

The company’s commitment to act
The analysis and evaluation of complaints, suggestions and comments are essential in the evaluation of the operative processes which constitute the motorway’s service in order to identify possible critical areas and and correlated margins for improvemnet 

Remote monitoring of lanes

In Telepass and payment by card lanes, remote monitoring is operarting (M.R.P.). This is an integrated system to control the functionality of the services, to allow booth operators to interact with users and, in cases of difficulty, to utilize an efficacious multimediale interface so as to facilitate the toll payment transaction.
 The station apparatus is an advanced techonological device that allows the remote monitoring of and management of the payment transaction without needing an operator to be present in the toll station.
In automatically manged MRP lanes. the user can pay the toll by using Viacard, either prepaid or bank account, debit cards linked to Fast Pay, credit cards (American Express, Visa Electron, Carta Sì, Diners Club International) and telepass apparatus. No cash payments are allowed, which means that the user, before entering a lane, must check the road surface markings and vertical signs relating to payment means.
Users without a motorway toll ticket will be issued a non-payment report. 

Fahrzeuge mit zwei Achsen (Auto, Motorrad) Fahrzeuge mit 2 Achsen und Höhe >1,3 m. Fahrzeuge mit 3 Achsen (Bus, Auto mit Anhänger) Fahrzeuge mit 4 Achsen (Auto mit Wohnwagen) Fahrzeuge mit 5 Achsen (Lkw)  
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