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Winter services

Winter services to ensure motorway safety are managed from 6 centres (Vipiteno, Bolzano, San Michele, Ala, Verona, Pegognaga). Each of these centres has facilities for the warehousing and storage of grit and is equipped with the relevant vehicles and appliances for winter services. The staff responsible monitor the weather forecast and weather warnings on an ongoing basis.

The jobs of clearing snow and the spreading of salt are divided into six areas, corresponding to the six Motorway Security Centres (CSA).

Winter operations are located at the Motorway Security Centres of Vipiteno, Bolzano, Saint Michele, Wing, Verona, and Pegognaga. Each Motorway Security Centre is adequately equipped for the stockpiling and storage of salt, and with suitable means and equipment for the work of winter maintenance. Those in charge of the Motorway Security Centres constantly monitor weather forecasts and meteorological alerts.

Solid sodium chloride stockpile 7,000 tons
Saline solution of calcium chloride 1,400 tons
Silos for solid salt stockpiling 36
Silos for saline liquid stockpiling 7

Motorway snowplough blades 172
Service area snowplough blades 18
Automatic spreaders with humidifiers 44
Automatic spreaders for service areas 12
Saline liquid sprayers 10
Frontal snowblowers 3
Lateral snowblowers 1
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