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Plessi Museum

Museum rest area at the Brenner Pass
High quality fresh and organic products available at the bar and restaurant area
Car park features eight Tesla fast charging stations and one multi-standard charging station for drivers of electric cars

The Plessi Museum is located near the former customs area between Austria and Italy. It is an innovative example of architecture which hosts a permanent exhibition space dedicated to Fabrizio Plessi‘s works of art, a meeting centre and a restaurant.

The Plessi Museum, an intersection of art, technology and regional specialities, occupies a unique space among motorway rest areas both in terms of the type and especially the quality of service provided. The structure, a vast crystal shrine beneath a large roof in wood and CorTen steel, houses a permanent exhibition centre displaying the art of Fabrizio Plessi, a fully equipped conference room and a modern and welcoming dining area.

The dining area is currently managed by Matthias Lanz, the owner of the Lanz service station at Sciaves, on the Val Pusteria highway, a restaurateur who maintains the highest standards of service and produce, including fresh food provided by local farmers and artisan producers.

The bar is a welcoming, modern space which offers motorists a wide range of regional delicacies including salami, speck, bread, cheese, wine and herbal tea as well as honey and jam from the Alps. The products available are extremely good value as most are sold at the same prices charged by local producers and winemakers.

A large screen in the bar shows broadcasts from the Move TV network, including regional features interspersed with news, weather and traffic information.

The parking area has been renovated and now has space for 81 cars as well as parking for motor homes, buses and heavy goods vehicles. In view of the Plessi Museum's strategic location, the site now also has fast charging stations for electric vehicles, eight for Tesla cars well as one multi-standard charging station. The multi-standard charging station, compatible with different makes of vehicle, is equipped with three different connectors and can charge two cars simultaneously. All of the stations can provide a 50% battery recharge in just 20 minutes; a complete recharge requires around an hour. The Tesla charging stations are located at the exit of the Affi motorway toll station.

The Plessi Museum can also be accessed by travellers from Brenner on the southbound carriageway via a pedestrian underpass.

The MUSEUM extends over 2.500 m2 and measures 55 meters in length and 28 meters in width. It is a large crystal shrine overlaid by an extensive roofing structure, representing a link between the building’s architecture and the surrounding landscape.The great hall with its cathedral ceiling (12.90 m) is designed purely as a museum space: the exhibition route contains video installations, sculptures, graphic and painting creations. Fabrizio Plessi planed the layout and designed the tables, chairs, work benches and corten steel shelves.

The CONFERENCE ROOM, “ideal place for organizing events”: Situated on the first floor, the conference room  is designed to be “the ideal place for business, cultural and institutional meetings”. The museum rooms couple the art with elegant furnishing, the landscape and the flexible planning of an ultra-modern space, equipped with services such as a buffet or reception area and audio-video equipment. The qualified employees of the Brenner Motorway can offer organizational support by coordinating all of event-related services.

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