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The BrennerLEC project is carried out in the context of a sensible area like the Alps with the objective of creating a holistic concept of “Lower Emissions Corridor” (LEC) for the A22 highway. 

The project aims to implement and validate a set of different dynamic policies that have the goal to provide a clear environmental benefit in terms of air quality, climate protection and noise abatement, covering.


The Ursa Major II project is co-funded by the European Commission for a period of five years (2014-2018) and concerns the implementation of ITS systems aimed at improving the road traffic management on a European scale. The Brenner motorway participates in it with 3 different activities.

The first activity concerns the implementation of a control center for heavy good vehicles near the tolling gate of Vipiteno/Sterzing (Province of Bolzano) in order to increase the safety of HGV drivers and indirectly also that of all motorway users. The structure will be managed by government office of Bolzano that issues driving licences and registers vehicles in collaboration with the Traffic Police: they will perform checks, even with the support of ITS devices, on the efficiency of heavy good vehicles.

The second activity relates to the upgrade of the hardware and software equipment of the Automatic (AID) Incident Detection system installed in the tunnels longer than 500 m (Brenner, Fortezza, Virgl and Piedicastello) and the installation of new cameras to increase the video coverage from the Traffic Control Center in Trento.

The third activity concerns the implementation of weather information along the A22 in particular in order to better manage winter operations. The aim is to have a fix weather station every 10 km and to install mobile weather sensors on the vans of Traffic Officers to detect the paving conditions, especially in the winter period: this type of monitoring allows to increase the grip level of vehicles on the pavement and consequently also the level of users’ safety and to reduce the amount of deicing salt spread, thereby limiting the environmental impact.


Autostrada del Brennero SpA is one of the key partners in FP7 RPBHEALTEC. The project addresses one of the main challenges affecting safety and competitiveness of the European Road Network, which is undoubtedly one of the most important land infrastructures in the EU. It is and will remain for the foreseeable future a crucial artery for Europe, both in economic terms, as it services the vast majority of goods traffic, and in social terms, as it does so for passenger travel as well. Maintenance is considered to be the most expensive function of a high-way operating agency, so there is a special need for the early detection of deterioration mechanisms and of potential presence of defects through a more advanced road pavements inspection technology.

FP7 RPBHEALTEC will develop a high quality, cost efficient NDT inspection system which will detect the presence of defects, determine the cause, extent and rate of deterioration, provide information for assessing stability and serviceability and for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of various remedial measures and provide this information in real time, not causing traffic disturbances.

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