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A motorway must provide more than just mobility, it must also offer users a series of essential services for a safe and trouble-free journey. This includes parking facilities, in other words the construction of car and truck parks for different types of vehicles, able to meet the different needs of car and truck drivers.

For years Autostrada del Brennero SpA has been working to reorganize and upgrade this service according to a ‘parking plan’ which foresees the identification of new parking areas as well as ameliorative measures on the service areas and parking lots outside the tolling stations. Many car drivers, such as commuters, leave their vehicle at the tolling stations and join car sharing or car pooling initiatives, also included in the A22 Travel Assistant mobile app, or use public transport to enter urban areas.

There is a growing need to provide suitable solutions for truck drivers who, among other things, are legally obliged to take rest breaks. At night, despite existing restrictions, truck drivers often park improperly on the acceleration and deceleration lanes of service areas or on lay-bys, which are intended for emergency use only and this therefore poses safety risks.

The areas set aside for heavy good vehicles are also used for managing specific emergencies such as accidents, particularly adverse weather conditions or days when driving bans are in place in Italy or abroad.

In drawing up projects for heavy good vehicles parking areas, adjusted as for quantities and dimensions according to the different needs, Autostrada del Brennero SpA foresees services not only for vehicles (refuelling, workshops, special services for dangerous goods) but also for people (toilets, showers, restaurants and rest rooms), as well as information and assistance points.

- 37 lorry parking spaces at the Brenner Parking(NORD),
- 38 lorry parking spaces at the Brenner Parking(SUD)
- 42 at the Brenner "Casa di Lupo"
- 250 at the Sadobre Area,
- 98 at the Bolzano South tollbooth, 
- 26 at Paganella est service area
- 36 at Paganella Ovest service area,
- 255 at the freight transport centre (Interporto) in Trento North and
- 79 at the Campogalliano West service area.    

Fahrzeuge mit zwei Achsen (Auto, Motorrad) Fahrzeuge mit 2 Achsen und Höhe >1,3 m. Fahrzeuge mit 3 Achsen (Bus, Auto mit Anhänger) Fahrzeuge mit 4 Achsen (Auto mit Wohnwagen) Fahrzeuge mit 5 Achsen (Lkw)  
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