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Noise protection wall

With integrated solar panels.

In 2009, Brenner Motorway collaborated with the community of Isera to erect the first high-performance solar-powered noise protection wall in Italy.

This sound absorbing wall, installed to protect the provincial town of Marano located between km 160+017 and km 161+084 on the southbound stretch of the Brenner Motorway, has two functions: firstly, to protect the houses in the municipal area of Isera (TN) in accordance with the plan for noise reduction and abatement from the noise pollution generated by motorway traffic; secondly, to generate energy by means of the 5036 m2 of cladding constructed from monocrystalline silicon solar panels (the photovoltaic system uses the noise protection wall as its support structure). 

The large expanse of the noise protection wall - with a length of 1067 m and an average height of 5.6 m - allows this surface to accommodate 3944 photovoltaic modules which can provide an annual output of approx. 690,00 KWh.

With regard to the photovoltaics, the cross section of the protective wall, which consists of two different sections at angles of 60 and 35 degrees, is particularly effective (the first, approx. 3.20 m long section has an angle of 60 degrees, the second, approx. 1.6 m long section is angled at 35 degrees along the horizontal axis.

From the electrical power perspective, given the generator capacity, the transmission of the energy produced and its transmission to the public network is effected via medium voltage lines, by converting the field voltage from 230V to 20,000 V.

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