In addition to Autostrada del Brennero as coordinator, the project also involves the Environmental Protection Agencies of the Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, the University of Trento, NOI TechPark Südtirol / Alto Adige and CISMA srl.

The objective of the project is the creation of a low-emission corridor along the A22 motorway in Trentino Alto Adige by experimentally implementing dynamic traffic management systems to protect air quality and climate and to protect some pilot areas from noise. In particular, the innovative aspect of the project is to demonstrate that anticipating intervention measures on the basis of complex and accurate forecasts brings benefits on both the environmental and traffic fronts.

In particular, it is a demonstrative and innovative project that aims to define how, where and when speed restrictions and other traffic regulation measures can be applied with the aim of achieving maximum environmental and transport efficiency with the least possible inconvenience to road users.

The three pillars of the project are:
1. dynamic speed management,
2. the dynamic lane,
3. 'intelligent' signalling.


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