In many respects today's vehicles are already connected devices. However, in the near future they will also interact directly with each other and with the road infrastructure. This interaction is the subject of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS), which will enable road users and traffic managers to share and use previously unavailable information and coordinate their actions. This cooperative element should considerably improve road safety, traffic efficiency and driving comfort, helping the driver to take the right decisions and to adapt to the traffic situation.

C-Roads cooperation is considered to be an appropriate tool for Member States to continue their involvement in the dynamic field of C-ITS.

Member States throughout Europe will set up the C-ITS pilot sites needed for the testing and subsequent operation of "Day-1" use cases, recommended by the  C-ITS Commission of the European Commission, by investing in their infrastructure. The car manufacturers and industry will use this pilot infrastructure to test components and services.

It is the task of numerous C-Roads working groups, working closely with the Amsterdam Group, with the InterCor project as well as with the EU-C-ITS and ITS platforms of the EU, to elaborate technical specifications and agreements for the implementation of harmonized and interoperable infrastructures.

Based on these specifications and agreements, the technical and organizational aspects will be tested in several pilot sites across Europe, where various organizational frameworks, technical approaches, operating environments and fleets of vehicles will test and evaluate the performance and feasibility of harmonized C-ITS systems and services.

Although the services and systems implemented will differ in the C-Roads pilot sites, all installations will be performed in a harmonized way, ensuring in particular the above interoperable services of end-users based on international cooperation.

To ensure interoperability, cross-site tests will be organized by the C-Roads Platform and run by the C-Roads consortium. All participating pilot sites will need to provide roadside and onboard test infrastructures.

C-ROADS ITALY expects to test a series of C-ITS "Day1" services, mainly along the A22, but also along the motorway sections of CAV and Autovie Venete, as recommended by the C-ITS Platform.

Within the project, two specific applications (Highway Chauffeur and Truck Platooning) will be tested, respectively by CRF and IVECO.

This involves adapting the infrastructure and integrating C-ITS V2I services and V2V information with vehicle control strategies.


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