LIFE Alps (2019-2027)


The "Strategic Plan for the Activation of Sustainable Mobility in South Tyrol" includes zero-emission, ongoing and planned transport projects and services, including those specified in the LIFE alps project (2019-2026), promoted within the LIFE Integrated Projects 2017 call of the European Commission. The aim of the LIFE project is to catalyze the development of a zero-emission road transport system in South Tyrol, along the Brenner corridor (the main European traffic axis) and in the neighboring regions.

The introduction of zero emission vehicles in public and private sector services will contribute to a significant reduction in pollution in the Alpine area and define a path to complete decarbonisation of the local transport system by exploiting local renewable fuels (hydrogen and electricity), using hydropower and other renewable resources available in the area.

By establishing "Model Municipalities", with diversified zero-emission services, South Tyrol will be an example, demonstrating how a combination of early use of zero emission vehicles by public agencies and private companies, together with smart regional policies, is able to stimulate the widespread adoption of zero-emission services at regional level.

An important part of LIFE alps also concerns the identification of numerous actions being complementary to the main project activities: from the installation of electric and hydrogen charging equipment, to the deployment of vehicles financed by a series of public and private, regional and European bodies.

The complementary activities include the use of renewable sources for the production of green energy to be supplied at refueling and recharging stations in service in Bolzano, Merano (BZ), in various municipalities of the Venosta Valley, in Brunico and in Affi.

Within the LIFE alps project Autostrada del Brennero SpA will concretely have two main tasks:

  • creating a hydrogen distributor in Verona Nord;
  •  as a complementary activity, albeit not co-financed by the project, installing electric recharging points along the motorway axis.

The activity implemented by the Company within the project will contribute to extend the supply of zero-emission services outside South Tyrol, thus contributing to provide an infrastructure, complementary to the South Tyrol one, capable of guaranteeing a charging network that encourages the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, both private and public, in several European regions.

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