MERIDIAN (2021-2025)

It aims to promote the digitisation of the mobility system, focusing mainly on the CEF core network corridors Scandinavian-Mediterranean and North Sea-Baltic, by implementing digital systems and services along Europe's busiest freight transport corridors. Its implementations will support the common goals of increasing traffic safety and reducing congestion and environmental pollution.

The company is involved in the following tasks:

  • Task 1.03 'Cross-border cooperation', within which the "Digital Green Brenner Corridor" technical working group coordinated by Autostrada del Brennero was set up
  •  Task 4.10 "Creation of a MaaS integration layer and extension of the infrastructure to reduce pollutant emissions".

Creation of a MaaS integration layer

Creation of a management dashboard and a real-time multimodal/intermodal Trip Planning engine that uses the traffic data available along the corridor, exposing the route calculation functions to third parties.
Specifically, the project aims to create a true digital infrastructure capable of

  • being a collector of mobility data from motorway concessionaires and the various transport services operating in the neighbouring territories
  •  being an enabling layer for third-party services and provide both open data and open services on mobility.

The project is unique in that it aims at the construction of a European digital motorway corridor, bringing together infrastructures and services from different geographical, national and cross-border areas.

Extension of infrastructure to reduce pollutant emissions

The company is integrating low-cost air quality measurement sensors, traffic detection systems (coils/TVCC) and variable message signs (photovoltaic and non-photovoltaic) in order to extend the traffic management measures implemented as part of the European BrennerLEC project to increase motorway capacity and reduce emissions, thereby achieving the environmental objectives of the action.


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