The URSA MAJOR Neo (UMneo) project continues the development of ITS services to improve freight traffic on the TEN-T road network along the CEF RHINE-ALPS and SCANMED core corridors, linking the North Sea ports, the Rhine region and the Ruhr, the metropolitan areas of southern Germany and northern Italy with the Mediterranean ports up to Sicily. Project partners at European level come from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The improvement of international freight traffic services along these corridors is the main European added value of UMneo.

UMneo is based on the results of EU-co-financed projects: Ursa Major and Ursa Major 2. It extends the scope of the project geographically by expanding the network to completely cover the southern part of the SCANMED corridor and conceptually address the intermodal aspect of transport. Therefore, the UMneo partners group (implementing bodies) have been expanded to include urban nodes, and in particular port operators and railway hub operators.

Autostrada del Brennero SpA is implementing four specific activities within the project:

  •  development of an app to inform heavy goods vehicles drivers on the availability of free stalls (activity completed). Specifically, as far as A22 is concerned, the app shows the number of free stalls at the Brennero, Sadobre, Rovereto South and Campogalliano West parking areas;
  • installation of new charging points for the refrigeration units of heavy goods vehicles at the HGV parking lot in Rovereto South (activity completed). The activity has foreseen in particular the installation of 5 charging points;
  • installation of new variable message signs at 6 motorway entries. The activity envisages that VMSs (including supports and interfacing to the TCC) are installed at the motorway tolling gates of Bolzano South (2 VMS), Verona North, Mantova South, Reggiolo Rolo and Carpi;
  • arrangement of a new disaster recovery system and of a new video server for the Traffic Control Centre (C.A.U.) (activity completed). The activity foresees in particular the creation of a small operational center at the Motorway Safety Center in San Michele all'Adige, with full functionality for traffic management and minimum functionality for information management. This backup system is handled by two operators and will be used in case emergencies should impede the A22 TCC.



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