Winter tires

It includes the obligation to travel with winter equipment, i.e. to have winter tyres or chains on board, from 15th November to 15th April. The obligation applies even when there is no snow.

For any clarification, for a real-time update on the condition of the road surface on the motorway or for traffic information and assistance in case of need along the A22, you can contact the Traffic Control Centre of Brenner Motorway (Centro Assistenza Utenza) 24 hours a day at +39 0461 980085, the toll-free number (calls from Italy only) 800 279940 and the universal toll-free number (calls from Germany, Austria, Holland) 00 800 22022022.

Winter snow or thermal tyres are marked M+S. The approval, i.e. official recognition by the Authority of conformity to a technical specification or regulation, is indicated by the E mark followed by a number identifying the country which has granted the approval and a serial number.


Failure to comply with these regulations will result in administrative fines of 80 to 318 Euros and will result in an order not to continue the journey without having the necessary equipment.


Even in Austria winter equipment obligation is in force. From November 1st until April 15th under winter conditions (snow, snow mash or ice) cars and trucks up to 3.5 tons can circulate only with winter tires or with snow chains on at least 2 driving wheels. For trucks over 3.5 tons in the same period the winter tires obligation and the obligation to have snow chains on board are in force under any weather condition. 

For snow emergencies, the company has 322 vehicles and stores in its Traffic Assistance Centres 13,480 tons of solid salt fondants and 1,400 tons of liquids. Due to its geographical location, the A22 is subject to very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall during the winter season. In order to manage winter operations, the Company has prepared a specific procedure that regulates the competences and activities of the various structures involved (Traffic Control Centre, Police Operational Centre, Traffic Assistance Centres and external support companies) that cooperate to ensure adequate safety standards. By means of 25 weather stations, sensors in the pavement and thermal mapping vehicles, Autostrada del Brennero monitors the state of the road surface, prevents snow or ice formation and plans snow clearing activities in advance. In this way, it also optimises the use of salt, reducing environmental pollution and the degradation of the infrastructure. Intervention measures, in case of emergency, are also regulated by a protocol shared with the Traffic Police, the Fire Brigades and the Emergency Service 118.

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