HGV parking areas

While all service areas on the A22 allow heavy vehicles to stop and use restaurant and fuel facilities, Autostrada del Brennero nevertheless offers various types of rest areas specifically dedicated to HGVs, allowing hauliers subject to mandatory rest rules to do so with a degree of comfort (EC Reg. No. 561/2006, in force since 2007). Over the years, the Company has developed, upgraded and improved these facilities. Some are located
within the service areas (Paganella Est, Paganella Ovest, Campogalliano Ovest), one is located at the Plessi Museum rest area and yet another (former Dogana Ovest) is located a short distance away, while the other 5 (Sadobre truck park, Brennero Casa Lupo, Firmian, Trento Nord Interport, Rovereto Sud) are areas designed to provide special and diverse services for both the drivers and the HGVs. These include personal care services (toilets, showers, food, refreshment points with vending machines, laundry service), vehicle services (refuelling, de-icing, charging points for refrigerated trucks), security (lighting, CCTV surveillance), information and IT services (traffic information, weather, critical situations on special monitors) and general assistance services (cashpoints).


SADOBRE truckpark at Barriera Brennero (Vipiteno)

HGV areas

BRENNERO “Casa Lupo”
TRENTO NORD / Interporto

HGV facilities at service areas

PLESSI MUSEUM al Passo del Brennero


Laundry service 
 in Rovereto sud
Electrical charging points for supplying temperature controlled trucks generators at Autoporto (truck park) Sadobre in Vipiteno, at Interporto Trento Nord, in Rovereto Sud
De-icing at truck park Sadobre (Vipiteno)

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Laundry service in Rovereto sud
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