Limits and bans

Speed limits
from 2 km to 85 km
in both directions of travel
110 km/h
from 54 km to 85 km for vehicles weighing over 7.5 t at full load, in both driving directions
60 km/h
from 85 km to 314 km in both directions of travel 130 km/h

Overtaking ban
For vehicles weighing over 7.5 t at full load and for articulated vehicles towing caravans or trailers in both directions, along the entire Autostrada del Brennero route.
 24 hours a day

Traffic ban
It applies to vehicles and to combinations of vehicles weighing > 7.5 t at full load, as well as to special vehicles or vehicles used for special transport to those carrying dangerous goods in accordance with the Traffic Code and specific company ordinances.

Ban on stopping in emergency lay-bys
These lay-bys are exclusively for emergency use, i.e. in the event of breakdown or indisposition on the part of drivers, co-drivers or passengers. Vehicles are only permitted to stop in the defined areas set for the purpose. The ban is in force in both directions on the whole of the A22 from Brennero to Modena.

Service Centres
Toll: how is it calculated
Non-payment report
Toll redund and billing
Electric mobility
Truck parks
Traffic ban
Exceptional transport
Electrical charging points
Laundry service in Rovereto sud
De-icing system
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