truck park Sadobre
Km 15,700
The Sadobre area occupies about 26.5 hectares of land close to the Vipiteno toll gate.

Thanks to its special position alongside the Brenner Motorway, to its direct connection with the motorway and to its services, while maintaining its original functions connected to customs operations, it also plays a strategic role among the motorway service areas dedicated to the parking of light and heavy vehicles.
Its geographical position, in fact, makes it an ideal autoport because it offers solutions to a number of issues posed by Alpine passes: 

  • quota policies and/or traffic restrictions imposed by Austria or by other European member-states;

  • uncertainty regarding the driving conditions on the mountain pass sections due to adverse weather conditions, especially in winter;

  • peaks in traffic flow on the occasion of festivities.

The area offers a fuel station, services and spaces dedicated to HGV drivers, camper drivers and travellers. It also hosts the Sadobre offices, the customs offices and shipping companies.

The TopStop restaurant of the autoport is currently closed as it needs urgent renovation works.

Additional services:

In December 2015, 10 charging stations for heavy vehicles ( to maintain the cold chain were installed at the Sadobre area. Charging is currently for free.

In response to the growing demand for distributors of alternative fuels and to the forecast of a 20% growth in CNG-powered vehicles by 2028, Auto Plose Sadobre S.r.l. has created an infrastructure capable of storing LNG and subjecting it to a regasification procedure, so as to be able to serve GNC-powered vehicles as well as LNG-powered heavy vehicles.  

The investment, amounting to almost 2 million euros, will contribute to reducing environmental pollution, and it is the first of its kind on the Italian motorway network.

PARKING FEE (effective from OCTOBER 1, 2020 :

1° h free
from 2° h to 15° h  1 €/h 
from 16° h 0,50 cent/h

monthly fee 150 € + VAT
Main services
Chargers for refrigerated trucks
Facilities for disabled
Baby Room
Camper Area
Washing machine
LNG refuelling station
Service Centres
Toll: how is it calculated
Non-payment report
Toll redund and billing
Electric mobility
Truck parks
Exceptional transport
Electrical charging points
Laundry service in Rovereto sud
De-icing system
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