Road works schedule

In this section we publish works foreseen in the future, but that have not begun yet.

To minimise inconvenience to users, Autostrada del Brennero schedules maintenance works according to an annual calendar, taking traffic forecasts into account. In periods of high-density  traffic (weekends in January and February; Easter; Ascension/Pentecost/Corpus Domini; in June, July, August and September; Immaculate Conception; Christmas) works requiring lane changes (south/north) or the reduction of traffic and/or overtaking lanes are not authorised by the company (except for night shifts). Exceptions are made only for urgent works to restore road safety or for unforeseen events (e.g. ersistent adverse weather conditions and emergency maintenance works). The calendar of roadwork sites for the current year is published on the company's website.

Forecast (Brennero - Trento)

05/03/2020 - CLOSURE CARRIAGEWAY NORTHWARDS from Km 1+150 to Km 0+000

In order to carry out  works for the restoration of Brennero tunnel, the Brenner Motorway will temporarily close the CARRIAGEWAY NORTHWARDS from Km 1+150 to Km 0+000 by diverting traffic to the opposite carriageway (two-way traffic carriageway), from Monday, March  9th 2020 (12 a.m.) to Thursday, April 30 th 2020 (5 p.m.)

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