Non-payment of toll

In accordance with the articles of the Traffic Code (Article 176), users who are not in possession of a toll ticket will be required topay the toll alculated from the farthest tollgate, except if they can objectively prove (via receipts, invoices, the testimony of third parties, etc.) at which tollgate they entered the motorway. A "non-payment" report can be generated due to several reasons (missing money, the toll ticket has been lost, lackof card, insufficient credit on card, etc); as the case may be, specific procedures are activated, either directly on the tollgate or at a later stage via administrative ways.

Payment of the amount due must be made by the method indicated on the non-payment report and no later than 15 days following the date of transit. After the expiration of this term, the A22 motorway will initiate the process of credit recovery and will charge the relative expenses to the user. In case of non-payment within the indicated period, the A22 will exercise its right to forward the documents relating to the Road Traffic Police for subsequent contestation of the administrative sanctions referred to in Article 176, paragraphs 11 and 21 of the Traffic Code for the ascertained violation of the obligation to pay the motorway toll. This requires the payment of a sum of between € 85 and € 338 and the deduction of 2 points from the driving licence of the actual offender.

Clarifications requested by the user (or REQUESTS FOR DISMISSAL OF THE CASE) may be forwarded to the company by:

  • written communication to the A22 motorway addressed to: [email protected]
  • sending the “yellow card” that was given to the user by the clerk at the tollbooth (when the "non-payment" report was generated).

In case of submission of the “yellow card”, once the A22 motorway has verified the correctness of the evidence provided by the user, and ascertained that the amount due for the actual distance travelled was paid, the request for dismissal sent by the user along with the "yellow card" will be accepted without further notification. If the “yellow card” is not completely filled out and/or the prerequisites necessary for dismissal are absent or insufficient to consider the entry tollgate claimed as valid, the A22 motorway will exercise its right to recover the credit through compulsory collection, with written notice to the user.

Users intending to pay the outsatnding toll debt may pay directly to "Autostrada del Brennero, via Berlino 10, 38100 Trento" in the following ways:

From Italy

  • Bank current account n° 100000004308, ABI 03069, CAB 01856, CIN F, INTESA SAN PAOLO SPA 
  • Post office current account n° 21104377

From abroad

  • Bank transfer: IBAN: IT 79 F 03069 01856 100000004308 - BIC: BCITITMM

For further information please contact +39 (0)461 212610 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

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