Request for invoice or toll refound

Refund of toll charges

The procedures relative to the refund of toll charges can be initiated by the user or, indirectly, by the control management division of the Company, if it is found that the toll charges paid are higher than the amount due, which the Company undertakes to refund.
For information, please write to or consult the website

 Billing of toll charges

To obtain a toll charge bill, it is necessary to compile a specific form (which can be downloaded from the Company's website or picked up at the A22 Service Centers), and to send this together with the receipt(s) for which you require a bill to:

Autostrada del Brennero
Settore Esazione
Via Berlino, 10
38121 Trento.

Any receipt of toll charges that is requested upon exit, after paying the toll in the manual or automatic lanes, is not valid for tax purposes.
For information, please write to or consult the website

Service Centres
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Non-payment report
Toll redund and billing
Electric mobility
Truck parks
Exceptional transport
Electrical charging points
Laundry service in Rovereto sud
De-icing system
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