Ukraine humanitarian crisis – Toll exemption

Autostrada del Brennero informs that motorway toll payments are suspended for all vehicles of Ukraine citizens and/or other persons travelling from Ukraine to reach a place of destination or reception in Italy within 5 days from entering the country (Ordinance no. 876 of 13 March 2022 of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, Civil Protection Department).

How to claim exemption:

1.      In case of staffed toll payment booth (with attendant): 

            - Show proof of Ukrainian citizenship (only for Ukrainian citizens)

            - State date of entry into Italy

            - Present the fully compiled self-certified application

2.      In case of automatic toll payment lane:

            - Call an operator by pushing the dedicated button

            - Inform the operator that you have a self-certified application

            - Email the following documents to
              photocopy of valid ID, date and time of exit, and fully compiled and signed self-certified application
Non-payment report
Toll: how is it calculated
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Toll redund and billing
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Truck parks
Exceptional transport
Electrical charging points
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