Limits and bans

Speed limits
  • 110 km/h from Brennero to Bolzano Sud (from km 2 to km 85)
  • 130 km/h from Bolzano Sud to Modena (from km 85 to km 314)
  • 60 km/h from Chiusa Val Gardena to Bolzano sud (from km 54 to km 85) for vehicles weighing > 7.5 t with a full load

Overtaking ban
Along the entire A22 tollway in both directions, there is an overtaking ban at all times for vehicles weighing > 7.5 t with a full load and for road trains consisting of cars towing caravans or trailers.

Traffic ban
The calendar of circulation bans can be downloaded from the Company's website and applies to:
• vehicles or vehicle trains weighing > 7.5 t with a full load
• exceptional vehicles or vehicles for the transport of exceptional loads
• dangerous goods vehicles.
Ban on stopping in emergency lay-bys
The emergency lay-bys along the tollway are reserved exclusively for stopping in the case of problems with the vehicle or physical illness of the driver or a passenger and only inside the appropriately marked off spaces. The ban on stopping for a rest in the emergency lay-bys applies to the entire length of the A22 Brennero-Modena, in both directions.


Non-payment report
Toll: how is it calculated
Service Centres
Toll redund and billing
Electric mobility
Truck parks
Exceptional transport
Electrical charging points
Laundry service in Rovereto sud
De-icing system
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