CAU and Road Assistance staff

The CAU or User Assistance Center is the nerve center of the Company's control, coordination and information system.

It is located near to the tollgate of Trento Centro and consists of two distinct divisions: a Traffic Control Center (TCC) and a Traffic Information Center (TIC). Through optic fibers, radio links and telecommunication cables it receives images from 202 CCTV cameras: 131 are dedicated to traffic control, 67 to AID monitoring inside tunnels while 13 are linked to the website (web cam). It is also connected to 403 SOS call boxes and 25 weather stations. In this way it obtains information in real time about: traffic, weather conditions, visibility and requests for rescue services. The staff of the CAU consisting of 4 assistants and 19 operators work on a shift rota to manage the information and coordinate interventions of the road assistance staff 24/7.

The road assistance staff are widely distributed along the entire tollway and have the main task of providing users with assistance where necessary and signaling tailbacks, work in progress and road disruption. They also support the actions of the Road traffic police (Polizia stradale). The CAU also transmits warnings to the other emergency services (road emergency service, ambulance service and the fire fighters) and to travelers themselves via the dedicated radio channels: variable message signs (VMS), radio, website and the App.

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