Emergency situations on the A22 are managed and coordinated by the CAU, which remotely monitors the entire tollway axis.
When an alarm is triggered, in other words when a potentially dangerous situation occurs due to a vehicle breakdown, tailbacks, accidents or adverse weather conditions, the operators warns the most suitable personnel and emergency vehicles to deal with the emergency (Road traffic assistants, Road traffic police, ambulance service etc.) and transmit the warning to: variable message signs, radio, website and the A22 App. In the event of exceptional tailbacks that are expected to take over three hours to clear, they also activate a support service for the user with the distribution of essential items in collaboration with first responder units of the Croce Bianca, the Croce Rossa and voluntary fire-fighting service.

What to do in an emergency
In the event of accident, vehicle breakdown, sudden illness of the driver or passenger, if possible try to reach the nearest emergency lay-by. Then switch on your emergency lights to signal the presence of your vehicle, steer the wheels towards the outside of the lane, get out of the vehicle on the side opposite the traffic wearing reflective vest, display your temporary warning sign (triangle) and call the CAU.
To allow a fast and efficient intervention by the rescue services, specify

  • the type of request (mechanical or ambulance service etc.),
  • your driving direction (north or south) and
  • the most exact possible position of your whereabouts, namely the kilometer marking indicated on the small white boards at intervals of 100 meters along the central reservation.

By connecting to the A22 App, you will receive this information immediately via the geolocation feature under the heading SOS.

It is crucial to assess the situation inside the tunnels. If possible, always try to continue in your vehicle and reach the exit; once outside, call the rescue services. If this is not possible, stop your vehicle on the right side of the lane (do not do a U-turn or reverse!), switch on your emergency lights, switch off the engine leaving your key inserted, steer the wheels toward the outside of the lane and put on your reflective vest; then follow the LED floor lighting until you are outside, staying well clear of any vehicles in transit. Warn the rescue services as soon as possible.

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