Structural monitoring and maintenance

Along the A22, the road structures are constantly controlled by means of periodic inspections and, where necessary, through the continuous instrumental monitoring of mechanical and electro-chemical parameters.

The Company is thus able to promptly and efficiently schedule maintenance or road resurfacing interventions that are necessary to assure the full structural and functional efficiency of the road structures.

The data collected in the course of the inspections, as well as those transmitted by the sensors used for monitoring purposes, are then fed into a digital archive managed by specific software that identifies, in particular, the priority of action.

In the tunnels, technological systems are installed that are fitted with remote controls (CAU) and AID (Automatic Incident Detection) systems for the automatic monitoring of traffic, and are able to identify any anomalies (such as fire, stationary vehicles and smoke).

By means of sensors and inspections carried out by specific personnel, the Company constantly monitors also the condition of the road surface, enabling it to schedule resurfacing well in advance.

Since 2014, Autostrada del Brennero has furthermore implemented a tracing and monitoring system for hazardous goods. 6 portals positioned along the tollway axis detect and classify vehicles transporting hazardous goods by reading their number plates ad hazard code panels (UN and Kemler codes) using OCR and infrared technology.

In addition, at the service and gas stations along the tollway, Autostrada del Brennero has installed a sound and luminous system that signals any cases of traffic going in the "wrong direction".
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