Winter road service

Autostrada del Brennero has a total of 261 vehicles for dealing with the emergency of snow. In the hangars at the CSA it keeps a quantity of 5,000 tons of solid grit and 1,400 tons of liquid grit.

Due to the geographic location of the A22, it is subject to extremely rigid winter temperatures and thick snowfall. To manage the operations in winter, the Company has established a specific procedure that regulates the responsibilities and activities of the various structures involved (CAU, COA, CSA and other third party providers), which it coordinates to guarantee adequate safety standards.

With its 25 weather stations, sensors installed in the road surface and vehicles that deal with the thermal mapping, Autostrada del Brennero monitors the condition of the road surface, prevents snow from sticking or the formation of ice, and schedules snow-clearing activities well in advance. In this way it also optimizes the use of the grit, reducing environmental pollution and the deterioration of the road structures. In an emergency, any measures taken are also regulated by a Protocol that is shared with: the Road traffic police, the fire fighters and the 118 emergency call service.
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