Management of emergencies

The management of emergencies on the Brenner Motorway is coordinated by the User Assistance Centre (CAU) that remains active 24/7, all year round. They monitor the motorway from remote and are the ones that collect, handle and distribute in real time the information regarding road transit conditions, traffic, weather conditions and emergencies.

The CAU is located in the same building where the Motorway Operation Centre and the Road Police subsection of Trento are located. The two centres operate and coordinate in close contact with each other to guarantee the utmost promptness and effectiveness in the case of an emergency.

It is the CAU’s responsibility to ensure the necessary connection between the various internal and external structures that cooperate in running the motorway and in rescue operations, thus ensuring maximum response speed and effectiveness of the rescue operations and of the operations for restoring safety conditions and traffic flow.

When an ‘alarm phase’ arises, a situation of potential danger deriving from an accident or from weather conditions, the CAU operators assess its impact and activate the internal and external means of intervention as well as involving the related corporate functions according to the type of event, as envisaged by a specific A22 procedure.

The user assistance service is performed mainly by the Traffic Wardens that are in charge of surveiling and monitoring the situation 24/7, all year round, as well as of intervening in the event of an accident and reporting any disruptions. They also support the Road Police in order to ensure more effective and encompassing safety conditions.

To date, 84 Traffic Wardens work on the A22, divided among the 6 Motorway Safety Centres located along the motorway route.

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