Motorway safety centre (CSA) and traffic wardens

Along the Brenner Motorway there are 6 Motorway Safety Centres (CSA) that host the Traffic Wardens, the workers and their work vehicles.
The activities of the CSA are broken down into road works and assistance, road work sites management, maintenance and winter traffic flow.
There are six CSA, each one controlling a specific section of the motorway:

CSA of Vipiteno
from Brenner to Chiusa

53 km

CSA of Bolzano
from Chiusa to Egna-Ora

49 km

CSA of S. Michele
from Egna-Ora to Rovereto Nord

56 km

CSA of Ala
from Rovereto Nord to Affi

49 km

CSA of Verona
from Affi to Mantova Nord

50 km

CSA of Pegognaga

from Mantova Nord to the A1 junction

57 km

Currently, the CSA host 81 Traffic Wardens, equipped with 41 vehicles designed to allow them to assist motorway users 24/7, and 124 workers who perform maintenance. The latter have at their disposal 192 vehicles for carrying out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations, such as the removal of snow in winter. 

The Traffic Wardens, in addition to watching over the motorway and assisting travellers, support the Road Police in order to ensure more effective and encompassing safety conditions. They use vans that carry assistance equipment, fitted with variable message panels that can be used to communicate information to transiting users. 

Each CSA also has structures for storing ice-melting salt and the equipment and vehicles for winter maintenance of the motorway. The CSA Managers constantly check weather forecasts and warnings.

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