Summer management

In connecting Northern Europe with the Mediterranean Sea, the A22 crosses through many famous tourist attraction areas and therefore sees significant increases in international and local traffic flows on weekends and during the main holidays.

Autostrada del Brennero SpA every year prepares a calendar forecasting traffic flow on critical days that at the same time is the main tool for preparing the plan on how the company and all of the other players involved can handle the holiday exodus. It is also very useful for informing motorway users and making them aware of how to plan their trip, namely on how to plan ‘intelligent departures’.

The calendar is based on the traffic forecasts not only on the A22 but also on the interconnecting motorways in Italy and in the bordering countries, because in summer a significant part of the traffic travelling along the Brenner Motorway comes from Austria and Germany.

Based on the calendar and on the constant and real-time monitoring of traffic conditions, the User Assistance Centre (CAU) and the Motorway Safety Centres (CSA) of the A22 implement in a coordinated fashion various types of organizational measures to streamline the effects of the intense traffic flows, such as the preventive closing of all road work sites and the addition of staff, the keeping on call of urgent intervention teams to restore good transit conditions, and the guarding of strategic points with Mechanical Rescue means.

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