The Operating Centre (COA) and road police

The Motorway Operation Centre (COA) of Trento coordinates the services of the Road Police that operates along the entire route of the A22, as established by the convention undersigned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the motorwayConcessionaire.

The COA coordinates the motorway patrols between the Brenner Pass and Modena (including those of the Criminal Police and those engaged in speed trap service), the services of the Revision Mobile Centres (that check heavy vehicles) and the Special Transports. It also interacts with the User Assistance Centre - CAU for checking vehicles/HGVs and for reports of disturbances or events (including weather phenomena) occurring along the motorway.

The Road Police service along the A22 is organized by the Compartments of Trentino-South Tyrol and Belluno, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, that lead the four Subsections operating on the motorway, and is regulated by an agreement entered into by Autostrada del Brennero and the Ministry of Internal Affairs/Public Safety Department “for the definition and regulation of the surveillance activities and Road Police service”.

Motorway Subsection of Vipiteno
jurisdiction: from the border to the Egna/Ora station

Ph. 0472 761711

Motorway Subsection of Trento
jurisdiction: from the Egna/Ora station to the Affi/Lago di Garda sud station

Ph. 0461.212590

Motorway Subsection of Verona Sud
jurisdiction: from the Affi/Lago di Garda sud station to the Pegognaga station

Ph. 045.9214211

Motorway Subsection of Modena Nord
jurisdiction: from the Pegognaga station to the junction with the A1 motorway

Ph. 059.381911

The Road Police Subsections consist in thirty patrols that, in turn, conduct surveillance of the A22 from the Brenner Pass to Modena every day and night, 24/7.

Their tasks include preventing and reporting traffic code violations, reporting accidents, setting up of services aimed at regulating and controlling traffic, and helping road travellers in distress.

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