Users Assistance Centre (CAU)

The CAU, User Assistance Centre, is the nerve centre of the A22 in which a state of the art video-wall transmits and controls the images captured by 202 cameras hidden along the 314 km of motorway.

In shifts, 4 assistants and 19 operators coordinate and run 24/7 all of the information regarding traffic flow, weather conditions and requests for assistance and help, communicating them promptly to the drivers via various channels: variable message signs, Inforadio, the Internet website, the A22 App and by televideo.

The CAU is separated into two areas: the TCC (Traffic Control Centre) and the TIC (Traffic Information Centre), so as to optimise response times and the intervention of the operators that are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Using fiber optics, radio links and telecommunication cables, it is connected to 131 traffic control cameras, 67 cameras for AID monitoring in tunnels and 13 webcams, and it also controls 403 SOS totems and 25 weather stations. From these devices, the CAU receives real-time data regarding traffic, weather, visibility conditions and requests for help.

The CAU is located in Trento, in a high energy efficiency building next to the headquarters of Autostrada del Brennero, together with the COA – Motorway Operation Centre of the Road Police. The two centres work synergistically in order to ensure prompt intervention and maximum efficiency in handling emergencies. When required, they also transmit warnings and codes to the First Aid team, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Protection corps and the Breakdown Service.

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