Winter management

Driving safety along the motorway is the result of a delicate balance between various interconnecting variables: driving behaviour and vehicle maintenance conditions that are the responsibility of the drivers, and best management of the infrastructure that instead is entirely the responsibility of the motorway operator. Weather conditions affect all of these variables.

The A22 runs through some geographic areas that are affected by very cold temperatures and by heavy snowfalls. To address these conditions, Autostrada del Brennero SpA designs and implements winter maintenance operations aimed at always ensuring safe traffic mobility even during snowfalls and to optimise the use of ice-melting salt so as to reduce pollution to a minimum and preserve the motorway structures.

To achieve these results, the company has adequate equipment and systems and deploys specific technical, managerial and organizational measures to prevent the formation of ice and the accumulation of snow. This is done via the advanced and continuous cooperation between all of the subjects functionally involved in the operations (User Assistance Centres, Motorway Safety Centres, Traffic Wardens, Motorway Operation Centre of the Road Police, external firms).

The intervention measures in case of emergencies are also committed to complying with a Protocol shared with the Road Police, the Fire Brigade and the Emergency 118 Service.


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