Telematic Tendering

Autostrada del Brennero Spa (Brenner Motorway plc) has set up a telematic system for the procedure to select the successful tenderer.
The telematic system, which is used for some open and competitive procurement procedures and replaces the usual procedure for work contracts, services or supplies, provides its subscribers (suppliers or likely suppliers of A22) with an up-to-date tendering system. It is able to optimise time and resources and guide its users step-by-step through the process of the submission of a bid, thereby reducing the possibility of formal or procedural errors (which imply a penalty point for the bidders) to a minimum.
The suppliers of A22 and all the interested companies may register their names in the mailing list managed by the information system. After the registration, the interested persons are informed about the public calls for tenders by the A22 in an area of potential interest to the subscriber.

The access to the telematic system is actuated through the internet portal:

For further administrative information, you may contact:

Autostrada del Brennero Spa – Ufficio Gare e Contratti (Brenner Motorway plc – Office for Tenders and Contracts)
Phone: 0039/0461/212705-734

For technological information, refer to the portal’s administrator: phone:0039/02/37737360-76

A22 guarantees procedural safety as well as safety of data.
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