The Company is committed to various initiatives aimed at using alternative sources of energy, to preventing pollution and, in general, to safeguard and enhance the environment.

The main initiatives include:

  • the experimentation of renewable and sustainable energy sources (photovoltaic and micro aeolian) to serve the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) at certain technical sites, where experiments are performed on the use of hydrogen and fuel cells;
  • the positioning of rapid electric energy charging stations (Tesla and multi-standard) for light vehicles and others for heavy trucks equipped with an electric generator to maintain a cold start cycle;
  • the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the buildings;
  • the installation of traditional and photovoltaic sound barriers;
  • the creation of new distribution systems for CNG for transportation at certain service areas;
  • the differentiated disposal of waste from work activities and/or collected at the service areas;
  • the ordinary maintenance of the draining, soundabsorbing road surfaces;
  • the setting up and enhancement of the green areas in and around the tollgates and service areas.
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