In 2018, Autostrada del Brennero approved a plan for sustainable mobility, which focused on widespread ev charging stations and the offer of alternative fuels.

Elecrtic vehicle charging points - Along the A22, there are currently 13 charging stations and 76 charging points. Autostrada del Brennero has already approved a plan to reinforce and double the number of charging stations along the tollway axis.

Electrical charging points for supplying temperature controlled trucks generators
- In the A22, electric energy is also used to reduce the environmental and acoustic impact of freight transport: at the freight terminal of Sadobre (Vipiteno), at the parking lot of the Trento nord Interport and  in the parking lot for heavy trucks of Rovereto Sud ev charging stations have been installed for the controlled-temperature fueling of the generators of vehicles that need to maintain a cold cycle. This service, offered free of charge by the Company, offers a sustainable alternative to the start-up of diesel generators during stopovers.

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