In 2014, the first plant in Italy for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen was opened in Bolzano Sud. This means hydrogen generated using only renewable energy sources.

The system was created by Autostrada del Brennero and managed by the Institute for Technological Innovation (IIT), and is able to produce 180 normal cubic meters of hydrogen per hour for a total per year of over 1.5 million normal cubic meters of clean fuel, produced by the hydro-electric plant of Cardano. The hydrogen distributor has the capacity to fuel around 15 coaches with hydrogen per day, with an autonomy of 200-250 km, or up to 700 cars. The consequent annual saving for the environment is around 525,000 liters of gas or 440,000 liters of diesel, which correspond to over 1,200,000 kg of carbon dioxide that is not emitted in the atmosphere. The long-term objective of Autostrada del Brennero is to create a distribution network that can serve all users along its section of tollway, with fueling stations at intervals of no more than 100 km.

The hydrogen distribution center where there are also buildings with offices, conference rooms and educational training areas, is open to the public: with guided tours, it provides information and raises awareness about hydrogen as a source of energy for transport.
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