According to EU forecasts, in the year 2030 there will be over 16 million hydrogen-powered vehicles in circulation, thereby gradually replacing, by 2050, at least 40% of transport petrol. In order to boost this scenario, the first step is to create a hydrogen distribution infrastructure capable of supporting these forecasts.

Aware of the benefits of the service performed for the territories it crosses through, Autostrada del Brennero SpA has chosen to invest directly in the sector by creating its own hydrogen production, storage and distribution system starting from renewable energy sources.

The system, that is the first of its kind on an industrial scale in Italy, was opened in 2014 near the motorway station of Bolzano Sud. With its annual production of 2 million cubic metres of clean fuel it can replace 525,000 litres of gasoline or 440,000 litres of diesel fuel per year, thereby helping Nature by avoiding the release of 1.2 million kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Today, the hydrogen produced powers the public buses serving the city of Bolzano as well as some vehicles used by Autobrennero, by the Carabinieri and the Traffic Police of Trentino-South Tyrol for their patrolling and safety checking of the A22.

Autobrennero’s long-term goal is to contribute in transforming the Munich-Modena section into a “Green Corridor” with hydrogen-powered vehicle fuelling stations every 100 km, although an important return of the project is also the promotion of the awareness of this alternative energy source. The Bolzano system is, in fact, open to the public with guided visits.

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