At Marano di Isera, a small Trentino town located along the southbound carriageway of the A22, the domestic power requirement of its 600 citizens is met via the supply of the renewable energy produced along the motorway by a special noise barrier. In 2009, Autostrada del Brennero SpA, in synergy with the Municipality of Isera, created the first high-efficiency photovoltaic noise barrier in Italy, an innovative structure and a tangible proof of Autobrennero’s commitment to invest a part of its profit in benefiting the territories it crosses through as well as the environment. As an integral part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor, today A22 is the main traffic artery through the Alps between Italy and Northern Europe. Every day it is travelled by millions of vehicles and people who can thus also appreciate the visual impact of this structure. Its shape is a compromise between the optimal inclination required to protect the houses from vehicle transit noise (vertical) and the ideal inclination required to obtain maximum energy production (35°). The barrier, over 1 km long, protects the nearby town from acoustic pollution thanks to the rear lining with sound-absorbing panels, while it produces clean energy thanks to the over 5,000 square metres of photovoltaic modules installed on the front, facing the motorway.

The Isera barrier is definitely one of the elements that fully qualify the A22 as one of the most sustainable motorways in Italy and stand witness to the will of Autostrada del Brennero SpA to implement solutions that bring together technological innovation and protection of the environment.

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