The videowall of the A22 User Assistance Centre (UAC)

The installation of the videowall in the operating room of the new Autobrennero User Assistance Centre (UAC), produced by 3P Technologies, received the prestigious “Inavation Award” for a “Transport & Communication Facility” at the last ISE (Integrated System Europe), which took place in Amsterdam from February 4-6.

The competition, which evaluated over 100 audio, video and control projects produced by the best systems integrators from throughout the EMEA (Europe-Middle East and Africa) market, rewarded the quality and integration of the products used, the precision of the installation and the quality of integration in the operational setting.


The jury was particularly impressed by the following characteristics: the integration with the software already in use at the control centre, the use of highly reliable products with low energy consumption, and finally, but of no less importance, the possibility of expanding the system in the future to meet the needs of the new UAC.

Thanks to increased resolution, configurable brightness and the silent operation of the videowall it has also significantly increased the comfort of users. In addition, the use of cutting edge Digital Light Processing (DLP) with an LED illumination system makes it possible to extend the average useful life of the system to 80,000 hours (over 9 years based on operation 24/7). The decoding system used has intrinsic resilience which means that, in the event of a malfunction, it automatically redirects the different flows from the video cameras.

This innovative and high-performance system means operators at the new UAC can see the feeds from up to 180 cameras at a glance, shown simultaneously on the video wall uninterruptedly and using the same user interface as before, also allowing individual control of each feed. This increased efficiency in the contr

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